A Product Review of the “Mindful Powers” App

Product:  Mindful Powers App for iOS Devices

Price:  Free with In App Purchases of $4.99

Cheapest Place to BuyApple App Store

My Rating: 20/10

Overview:  If I could be in LOVE with an App, I would be in love with THIS APP.  For years as a competitive skating coach, I have had to consistently research, re-write and figure out how to best apply the basics of mental training and mindfulness for my very young students with limited time and resources.  I am the type of coach who firmly believes we MUST start to sew the seeds of mental training EARLY and OFTEN for our young athletes and finding the time and the “kid friendly” material for my littlest of skaters was always a struggle.  Cut to my most recent experience of being a mom to a 6-year-old who struggles with anxiety and all of it’s physical symptoms, and this app has been a lifesaver. If I had the means and resources to open my own training centre, (I still dream of this) all my athletes would have a tablet with this app as the FIRST app to start the mental training process.

Best Feature of the Book: This App is based on contextual behavioural science, and by using the app, students in early and middle age childhood will grow the following skills:  
•              Calmness & relaxation
•              Stress & anxiety reduction 
•              Concentration & focus
•              Navigating big emotions
•              Getting along with others

In a nutshell, this app covers all the most basic and critically important mental training skills for our youngest athletes in their most formative years.

Pros:  Every single thing about this app appeals to young children.  From the central protagonist called a “Flibbertigibbet™”, who asks children to soothe him (and themselves) by using deliberate, thoughtful, repetitive, tactile stimulation, to the Mindful Stories which are, in fact, informational meditations read by a young child, designed to connect them with their feelings and thoughts, this app is colorful, engaging and dynamic in every way for young users.

Cons:  The exercises grow incrementally time-wise from one to the next, with the first being only a couple of minutes to the next being a few minutes, and so on and so on. I felt that there should be a reduced increase in time between exercises, as the youngest users need more exercises in the 2-3-minute range and the app jumps quite quickly to the 10 minute range with some of the Mindful Play exercises. This is my ONLY small criticism of the app however, and it was hard to find even one criticism of it to be very honest.

Conclusion:  My daughter begs to use this app and loves it to death.  I can hardly wait to start to apply it in the field with my youngest skaters in hopes it will teach them valuable tools for relaxation, emotional control, anxiety reduction, focus and mindfulness. I highly, recommend you check it out and add it to your coaching toolkit.

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