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A Book Review of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”, by Carol S. Dweck Ph.D.

Product:  Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol S. Dweck

Price:  Kindle Price $17.99

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My Rating:  10/10

Overview:  I can’t think of a better book than ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’ to review for you as one of the first books on my recommended reading list.  Simply put, this book changed my life.

I first read this book nearly fifteen years ago, and it had a profound impact on me as a woman and as a coach. I still remember the lessons I learned during that first reading to this day, which is why I was so excited to read it again, and share it with all of you.

Whether you are an athlete, scholar, parent, coach, sports official or administrator, this book will change your life and should be required reading for every board member in ANY youth sports organization.

Through careful study and research, Carol Dweck, Ph.D. has introduced a theory of belief that explains how each of us sees ourselves and the world around us, and further, how we react to that world and its challenges.

Dweck proposes people have two possible mindsets; a fixed mindset, where they believe that traits like intelligence and athletic ability are innate, or fixed, or a growth mindset, where people believe they can grow and develop characteristics over time through hard work, strategies, and asking for help.

As you read this book, you will realize what mindset you are in different areas and stages of your life, and you will learn how to place yourself in a growth mindset.  Even better, for all you coaches, Dweck will teach you how to help your athletes develop a growth mindset and become even more successful in their athletic careers. You will learn strategies about how to give feedback to your athletes to better equip them to persevere through difficult times without losing motivation, confidence, and commitment to their sport.

Best Feature of this Book:  This book is an easy, relatable read, unlike other psychology books, which can get bogged down under the weight of academia. The author adds a personal touch, a conversational tone and touches of humour which keep you engaged and eager to keep reading.

Pros:  Dweck has broken down the book into easily accessible chapters for every possible use and application of her mindset theories, whether you’re a parent, an athlete, a student, a CEO, a coach or an educator. Whoever you are, and whatever you do for a living, you will find a chapter in this book specifically tailored for you.  In addition, Dweck also incorporates a series of thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter to help the reader grow his or her mindset, allowing for better understanding of the material.

Cons: The author tends to flit from one anecdote to the next without fully fleshing out each topic, which can sometimes be slightly disorienting, however, this doesn’t take away from the readability or the overall message of the book, so it is a small observation.

Conclusion:  For any coach who’s come home wondering why a particular student won’t apply themselves during practice, for any parent who can’t figure out why their child doubts their abilities even though they praise them left and right, or for any organization/skating club that struggles with low morale in its membership and staff, this book is for you.

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