A Product Review for the Fitbit Alta HR Monitor

Product:  Fitbit Alta HR Monitor

Price:  $129.29 CDN

Cheapest Place to BuyAmazon.ca

My Rating:  10/10

Overview:  I’ve seen the Fitbit monitors around for a couple of years, and finally decided it was time to find out what all the fuss was about.  I’m so glad I did.  I love my Fit bit with all of it’s many features. In the tap of a finger I can see the steps I have completed each day, my heart rate, the calories I have burned, my activity per hour and even the different sleep cycles I had the night before.  As a single mother and busy coach, sometimes we put our needs last when it comes down to taking care of our health and the Fitbit Alta HR Monitor is the perfect antidote to this.  In addition, there is a handy app you can download that gathers and assimilates all the information from your device wirelessly, gives you an incredible amount of information, provides goals and motivation, AND connects you with other users.  What’s not to love?

Best Feature: This device works because it increases your AWARENESS of your daily habits and gives you the tools and information you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.  If you aren’t moving enough each hour, you will get a gentle reminder from your device to move.  If you reach your step goal for the day, your Fitbit Alta HR celebrates with you.  This device is the best way to condition your behaviour, create healthy habits, and maintain those habits.

Pros:  As a newly diagnosed Fibromyalgia sufferer, the sleep stages function has been invaluable to me.  As anyone with Fibromyalgia, depression or both knows, there is a direct link between sleep, chronic pain and illness.  Being able to track the hours I sleep, the time spent in wakefulness, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep is invaluable to me.  I can greater predict flare ups when I know I’ve had a bad night and very little deep sleep.  And the app takes this data one step further, by giving me a 30-day average for my sleep, as well as comparing my data with the average percentages for my age group.  On top of this, both the device and the corresponding app are incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Cons:  Sometimes I don’t like to wear a watch or bracelet, which makes it difficult to track my habits.  I would love to see a version of this device as a necklace or choker. Also, I find sometimes you must tap the screen in J-U-S-T the right way to get it to respond, however, this is not a problem that takes away from my enjoyment of the device.

Conclusion:  There is a reason this device and corresponding app is so popular.  The Fitbit Alta HR is a great way to monitor your lifestyle and adapt your habits for a healthier you!

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