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25 Tips and Apps for Homeschooling During the Coronavirus

I can't imagine what it must feel like to have the choice of homeschooling thrust on you out of a necessity to stay alive, and I empathize with every single parent out there who finds themselves homeschooling during the Coronavirus.

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A Product Review of “Raddish: A Cooking Club for Kids”

Product:  Raddish Cooking Club for Kids Price:  $24USD monthly subscription $22USD monthly for 6 month subscription $20USD monthly for 12 month subscriptionFree delivery in USInternational shipping $7USD monthly Cheapest Place to Buy: My Rating:  9/10 Overview:  I promised myself this year I would lead the homeschool charge from a place of strength when planning… Continue reading A Product Review of “Raddish: A Cooking Club for Kids”